Aphid Species File is a community-built open resource on the aphids of the world.


Aphid Species File is collection of cited and annotated information on the taxonomy of Earth’s living and fossil aphids, including adelgids, blackflies, greenflies, plant lice, and phylloxerans. Data found here come from a compiled database originating in an instance of TaxonWorks managed by the Species File Group. This site is built using TaxonPages, learn more and get help.


Cite this resource as follows: Favret, C. [this year]. Aphid Species File. [retrieval date]. http://Aphid.SpeciesFile.org

Gaps as opportunity

The Earth’s biodiversity is vast and the data captured to describe it are immense and growing. All projects of this nature contain gaps providing opportunities for collaboration. Although most of the nomenclature is established, a particularly important gap in this project concerns specimen data. With specimen data, we can fill in other gaps such as biological associations (especially host plants) and geographic distributions. Please contact us if you would like to help us address these and other knowledge gaps.

Contribute or get help

Projects of this nature require expertise in many different areas, not only on the taxa being treated. If you can imagine a way to contribute we’d love to hear about it.

  • Provide new data or identify a problem with existing data by submitting an Issue on GitHub.
  • Something is broken with the website or the software? Use the TaxonPages Issue Tracker.
  • Email is the primary way to contact us, including enquiries about joining the researchers building Aphid Species File.
  • The Aphid Systematics Group is an email forum to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information among the world’s aphid systematists and anyone interested in aphid systematics, including but not necessarily restricted to taxonomy, classification, nomenclature, phylogenetics, and basic aphid biology. Click on the Contact owners and managers link to join.


Colin FAVRETUniversity of Montreal, CanadaAuthorORCiD
Gary L. MILLERSystematic Entomology Laboratory, US Department of Agriculture, retiredContributorORCiD
QIAO GexiaInstitute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of SciencesContributorORCiD
Masakazu SANOHokkaido Agricultural Research Center, NARO, JapanContributorORCiD
Andrey V. STEKOLSHCHIKOVZoological Institute, Russian Academy of SciencesContributorORCiD


Aphid Species File started in 2008 and was introduced to the aphid knowledge community in 2009 at the 8th International Symposium on Aphids in Catania, Italy: Favret C, Eades DC. 2009. Introduction to Aphid Species File, http://Aphid.SpeciesFile.org. Redia, 92: 115-117. (PDF)

Until August 2023, Aphid Species File was almost entirely curated by Colin FAVRET. At that time, all data in Aphid Species File were frozen and migrated to TaxonWorks. With this renewal, the call is out to colleagues worldwide: please contact us if you would like to contribute! Contribute or get help.

Our old website, with data frozen as of 14 August 2023, is now a read-only resource available at http://aphid.archive.speciesfile.org.

Companion resource

Aphids on the World’s Plants: an online identification and information guideAphids on the World’s Plantscreated by Roger BLACKMAN, maintained by Colin FAVRET
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